Asylstafetten (The Asylum Relay) 2014 – From Malmö to Almedalen for a Humane Refugee Policy

This year we want to give the authority and our politicians the chance to meet those who are affected by the political decisions made for refugees. We want the asylum policies to become one of the main issues before the election this year. We strive for a humane refugee policy where every individual will be treated with respect and dignity, no matter where you are born.

Last summer we walked during 34 days, all the way from Malmö to Stockholm. This year we have decided to change our final destination to Almedalen. During this journey we talk to people about what kind of world we want to live in – a world characterized by reliance and solidarity. We want to reveal the cruel fates that the current migration policies creates, where people who’s been escaping turmoil, threats, violence and war have to endure suspicion and distrust from the Swedish authorities instead of the support and protection that these people are entitled to. Sweden should be a sanctuary for people who need protection. We want a society that put all its efforts in keeping the human rights and the principal of what is best for the children. More people have to be able to get protection and paperless peoples rights have to be respected. We walk together to show that we are many that have had enough and we are many who come together and fight for a humane asylum policy.

Asylstafetten is all about listening to those who have been affected by the current refugee policies and to take their stories seriously. As it is today, a lot of people cannot even have their reasons for asylum tried out within the Swedish system. The Dublin constitution deports refugees to countries within EU (such as Italy and Malta) where people have been witnessing very bad situations for the refugees. People are being locked up in refugee detentions without being guilty to any crime. In these prison-like detentions the suicides are covered up and there is given no help to the mentally ill.

Engage yourself! You can support this initiative both as a private person and as a politically independent organization. We welcome all people that want to join us in The Asylum Relay for one or several days.

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